who we are

We opened our door on November 11, 2011 in a unique heritage building in the heart of the 'Arts District' in downtown Hamilton, Ontario. What began as a plan for a workshop and design space has evolved into a very special place to create and imagine and celebrate the beauty and the challenges that flowers and plants offer to us every day.

I had a vision of a store that I would personally want to visit, to shop in, a place to feel comfortable and to be inspired by. Flowers should surprise you, delight you and make you feel good. They can speak for you when you can not find the words. My goal is to have a beautiful environment for this to happen, and to create designs that will exceed your expectations.

Why 'i fiori'?

it is pronounced, 'ee fee-or-ee'

... which is Italian for 'the flowers', and that is exactly what you will find in our little shop: really fresh, really beautiful flowers and plants. Almost all of them are proudly grown in the Niagara peninsula by farmers and greenhouse owners who are as passionate about their products as I am.

Come and visit, take a deep breath, and you will say what everyone says when they enter our little shop, "It smells wonderful in here!"

See you soon...