The workshops at i fiori are generally ‘hands-on’. We supply all materials and tools for you to learn, design, create and construct… and have fun in the process! Some workshop dates are preset, and we require that you sign-up with a small deposit, as space is limited. The winter workshops tend to fill up quickly, please contact the shop 905-962-4750 or to book your spot.

All workshops can be tailored to a private group if you wish to book a time and can bring together your friends, family or colleagues. Please contact the shop 905-962-4750 or for more information and to schedule your date.


Book your group of 5 to 8 participants
duration: 2 hours
cost: $55.00 +tax
This is a hands-on workshop.

A great idea for an evening out with friends! Book an i fiori terrarium workshop for your group of colleagues, family or friends. Please contact us to arrange a time for your group!

You will select plants from a fantastic array of succulents and living stones, and arrange them into your choice of glassware or containers from the shop (or bring your own and we can adjust the workshop fee). You will then accent your terrarium with sand, gravel, lichen, sea glass, moss, and pebbles.
A choice of containers and plants, the soil and all decorative elements will be supplied.

Winter wreaths


Tuesday November 20, 2018
Tuesday November 27, 2018

duration: 7-9 pm :: 2 hours
cost: $75.00 +tax
This is a hands-on workshop.

Using grapevine or twig wreath as a base, i fiori will supply evergreen boughs, boxwood, dogwood, curly willow, berries, and natural accents to help you create and personalize your winter wreath. The wreath will be suitable for exterior doors, interior doors or hanging in your home. You decide on the style that suits you, and we will supply all of the tools required, and show you step-by-step tips and tricks that can be used not only for your winter wreath, but to decorate your home for the season!


Tuesday December 11, 2018
duration: 7-9 pm :: 2 hours
cost: $75.00 +tax
This is a hands-on workshop.

Not your average evergreen centrepiece with a taper candle whacked in the middle…
The i fiori tablescape & centrepiece workshop may have you creating a series of coordinating arrangements that can be grouped or separated to suit your space, or maybe a low trough arrangement – perfect for a mantle or a bookshelf.

We will help you design and create seasonal decor for your tables, sideboards, mantles or bookshelves. All bases, and materials and tools are supplied – including a broad choice of containers, greenery, seedpods, berries and embellishments. And yes, even candles. With a little regular watering, the final arrangements will last through to the New Year with very little maintenance (we’re guessing that you will already have enough to do at this time of year!)

bouquet 101 :: come play with flowers

Book your group of 4 to 6 participants
duration: 2 hours
cost: $75.00 +tax
This is a hands-on workshop.

One of our most popular ‘Christmas gift’ workshops to do with friends. Please contact us to arrange a time for your group!
Gather 4 to 6 of your friends and family together, and come and spend 2 hours surrounded by beautiful, fresh flowers. Learn the step-by-step methods to arrange and build traditional/formal to organic bouquets.  You will learn how to  condition and care for the flowers to get the maximum vase-life from them. All of the flowers and tools are supplied, and you will leave with at least one knock-out bouquet!
Book your workshop before the New Year, or arrange to have your group come together in January when everyone has more time, and will need a break from the snow and ice!

DIY wedding :: bouquet hack

Book at your convenience
duration: 2.5-3 hours
cost: $175.00 +tax
This is a hands-on workshop.

This is a complete hands-on, one-on-one workshop where you will learn how to design and assemble the floral bouquets for your wedding.
We cover the selection and preparation of your flowers, tips and techniques, and how to calculate how many flowers you will need. You will assemble, arrange and finish a European hand-tied bouquet, build coordinated boutonnieres and corsages, and learn how to make the most of your guest table flowers.
When booking, we will discuss the flowers and greenery that you would like to use in your bouquet, their availability and ideally build your bouquet with many of those flowers.
You will leave the workshop with a beautiful bouquet, a pair of professional flower shears, 2 rolls of waxed floral tape, floral wire, and a brainful of information and new skills to help you make your special day very personal indeed.

Contact i fiori at 905-962-4750 or to book your workshop